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Here Be Dragons (2021)
How The Fables Have Turned (2021)
Only Footprints (2021)
In the Stars (2020)
Heroes: Behind the Tights (2020)
Late Night Double Feature (2019)
[title of show] (2019)

Here Be Dragons

October 2021

Photo Credit: Alexander Mackay Photography

In October 2021, we returned to the stage to present Anna MacAlpine’s Here Be Dragons. Sixteen years after her kingdom was invaded by three evil witches, a princess seeks out an enchanted sword that may help her save her people. Accompanied by a foppish bard and a stubborn mercenary, Princess Thea faces many trials and obstacles on her quest to defeat the wicked sisters Morgana, Morgaine, and Morgause. The path will not be easy, and she must travel to the most dangerous reaches of the kingdom – areas marked on her map with a warning: Here Be Dragons.

Directed by Steven Greenwood
Produced by Cheyenne Cranston
Stage Managed by Emily Stuchbery 
Designs by Lucas Amato and Christopher Wardell

Lucas Amato
Joel Bernstein
Natalie Demmon
Camila Fitzgibbon
Gretel Kahn
Maya Lewis
Darragh Mondoux

How The Fables Have Turned

June 2021 (Digital)

Life can be a real witch, especially when your story was written by a man. Presented for the digital component of the 2021 St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival, How The Fables Have Turned is a digital musical experience. Featuring four original songs written by local composers and songwriters and filmed using a variety of methods to ensure cast safety, this fabulous gay-ble follows four fairytale women who finally get to tell their own stories through song. No witches were harmed in the making of this musical experience, but the patriarchy sure will be!

Directed by Steven Greenwood
Produced by Cheyenne Cranston and Lucas Amato
Edited by Martin Molpeceres

Song 1 – My Siren Song
Performed by Natalie Demmon
Music and Lyrics by Sara Wunsch
Music Production by Joey Reda
Director of Photography – Cheyenne Cranston

Song 2 – Grow
Performed by Camila Fitzgibbon
Music and Lyrics by Danielle Keiko Eyer

Song 3 – Tender Snack
Performed by Hanna Nes
Music and Lyrics by Maxim David
Director of Photography – James Perry
Makeup and Stage Manager – Debi Klebansky

Song 4 – Marina
Performed by Julia Kennific
Music and Lyrics by Eric Elliot Lee

Only Footprints

February 2021 (Digital)

Presented for Festival de la Bete Noire 2021, Only Footprints is a horror-filled, interactive online game. As you’re chased by a killer, YOU have the power to choose how you will escape. You will need to keep your wits and senses sharp as you solve puzzles, make hard choices, and ultimately fight for your safety and your life. Will your choices lead you to safety, or lead you to your demise?

Written and Directed by Steven Greenwood
Produced by Cheyenne Cranston
Prop and Costume Design by Lucas Amato
Graphic Design by Chrystal Zhang
Featuring Performances by Lucas Amato

In the Stars

June 2020 (Digital)

Originally conceptualized as a live, interactive performance for the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival, In the Stars was reimagined as an online, interactive game for Fringe’s “This is not a Fringe Festival.”

Taking on the role of private detectives, audience members solved puzzles, pieced together clues, and interacted with both their environment and a cast of characters to solve a mystery. The initial goal of the piece was to create a video-game-like experience in a live performance setting, so we decided to develop it digitally until it is ready to launch in person next year! Using Twine, we created an interactive platform that re-created the physical space that we were going to create in the live performance.

Written and Directed by Steven Greenwood
Produced by Cheyenne Cranston

Heroes: Behind the Tights

March 2020 (Cancelled due to COVID-19)

Due to be presented in March 2020, Heroes: Behind the Tights, consisted of two one-act plays; My Children by Lucas Amato, and The Butler by William P. Erskine. We were so excited to present these two plays by emerging Canadian playwrights, which both looked at the superhero mythos from very different perspectives.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the implementation of lockdown measures in Quebec at the beginning of March 2020, we were unable to present this project to the public. Despite this, we are so grateful for the opportunity to work with our amazing cast and crew, as well as with emerging Canadian playwrights.

The Team:

Director: Steven Greenwood
Producer and Stage Manager: Cheyenne Cranston
Assistant Producer and Videographer: Lorenzo Carrara
My Children Written By: Lucas Amato
The Butler Written By: William P. Erskine

Lucas Amato
Emma Barbisan
Sirene Bellahnid
Natalie Demmon
Molly Mckenzie
Chrystal Zhang

Late Night Double Feature

December 2019

Coming soon to a theatre near you! Taking inspiration from B movies and midnight movies, the night featured two one-act plays – Jason Sharp: Confirmed Bachelor and Splatterpunks – framed by the story of a young couple going to a midnight movie on their first date (Young Love). The night was designed to recreate the experience of going to a pulpy, late-night double feature picture show.

The Team:

Directors: Steven Greenwood and Theo Stevens
Producer: Cheyenne Cranston
Stage Manager: Mary Looney
Assistant Stage Manager: Hazel Neil
Young Love Written By: Victoria Stevens
Splatterpunks Written By: Lucas Amato
Jason Sharp: Confirmed Bachelor Written By: Steven Greenwood

Camila Fitzgibbon
Chrystal Zhang
Emily Vaillancourt
Emma Barbisan
Grace DesBarats
Gretel Khan
Molly McKenzie
Harry Skinner
Jonathan Giammaria
Lucas Amato

[Title of Show]

September 2019

Photo courtesy of Brock Jenken Photography

Home Theatre Productions’ inaugural show, [title of show] (music and lyrics by Jeff Bowen and book by Hunter Bell) took place at Mainline Theatre September 12-15, 2019. As our first show as a new company, [title of show] allowed us to explore producing live theatre on our own, using only 4 chairs and a keyboard! With two out of four performances sold out, and positive audience feedback, it was a great start to Home Theatre’s journey.

Photo Credit: Brock Jenken Photography