Our Mission

What are our aims?

Jeff Bown and Hunter Bell’s [title of show]

Inspired by pop culture, fan culture, and all things geek, we aim to bring popular culture aesthetics and narratives to the theatre. We are invested in providing a place for emerging artists to explore their craft, all while creating accessible performances for the community. We strive to ensure that audiences feel welcome in an atmosphere that encourages community, sincerity, and openness.

How do our seasons operate?

*Note: We are committed to creating a safe space for audiences and artists, as such this is subject to change with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic*

Each season we are committed to producing the following:

1) An “established” show

Here Be Dragons

We define “established” as a pre-existing theatre show that has already been performed widely elsewhere, and is potentially well-known to audiences. The aim of this show is to provide a high-quality show to our audiences while exploring popular culture aesthetics in theatre. Emerging professionals will be able to hone their craft by presenting a full-length show with an already established text.

2) A “new” show

We define “new” as a theatre show with no, or very little, production history. The aim of this show is to work collaboratively with a local playwright, who has already done significant dramaturgical work on their text, to develop their text for public presentation. Our new show will be a highly collaborative environment, in which emerging artists are encouraged to take risks and work at developing new skills.

3) The New Play Development Series

After the success of the inaugural New Play Development Series, we have decided to develop this project further as part of our regular season. The series operates in the following way:

Late Night Double Feature
  1. A call for scripts will be posted to the public on our website and social media platforms
  2. All submitted scripts will be reviewed by our Artistic Director and Artistic Associate
  3. The Artistic Director and Artistic Associate will select scripts for the project. *Note: The number of scripts selected each year will vary, depending on our working capacity and the nature of the scripts.
  4. The selected playwrights will work closely with our Artistic Director and Artistic Associate in an extensive dramaturgy process with their scripts, culminating in a staged reading of each selected script.


If you have questions about our season structure, mission, how to get involved or anything else, please email hometheatreproductions@gmail.com, or use the contact form below.